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  1500k back in time.

Загрязнение окружающей среды

First of five

Join us at TranSahariana - Oman for the first of five incredible races in five countries with pristine dune deserts and incredible terrain and cultural highlights. 

You begin your adventure on Oman's northern coast at White Beach. 

You will traverse high mountain ranges in the northeaster corner of Oman and then cross 150 miles of dunes in the great Wahiba Sands desert, finally ending on the shores of Turtle Beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. 

Apply for a race spot today. Space is limited to 70 racers.



  • 300 km No-stop or by 6 Stages
  • 150 km No-stop


  • 80 km of high mountains
  • 70 km of canyons
  • 150 km of Dunes and Wadis ( sandy track )


Wahiba Sands 

Wadi Bani Khalid

Indian Ocean Finish

Wahiba Sands

They have been described as "a perfect specimen of sand sea” 

This is the desert as you’ve always imagined it: a huge, virtually uninhabited swathe of sand, with towering dunes, reaching almost 100m in places, sculpted by the wind into delicately moulded crests and hollows. There are no permanent settlements in the sands, although some local Bedu still live here. The further into the sands you penetrate, the more dramatic and untouched the landscape becomes.


self-sufficient race 

ALL races,  non-stop and stage races, are self-sufficient and participants will carry their own food, nutrition/energy bars, electrolytes, etc and sleeping mat.


Tents and water to boil will be available at all camps (end of each stage for stage race) and additional water at designated re-supply, aid points and checkpoints.


meeting point:  


The first meeting will be the Majan Hotel, 5 *,  

If you want to go directly to the Starts, you must advise organization.

If you want to book an extra night at the Majan or Safari camp, it is also possible by our partner travel agency.

race briefing/
gear check


A briefing will be done before the start of the race. This will be followed by a medical/certificate check and mandatory gear check  

medical certificate  

It is a required part of race registration and is mandatory. 

No racer may start without a physician's signed medical certificate.


Shoes: broken in shoes, not new!  It's just good advice...

At a minimum, 1 size and a half (can be 2 sizes + ) above your standard shoe size, as your feet may swell

 Care of feet, front Betadine bath, thread, needles, eosin dressings, Moleskin, Elasto 2 cm scissors, compresses... 

For Travel/Flights
Take your shoes or anything essential for the race into your carry on.  

Friction: be prepared with anti chafing products, all parts: (thighs, crotch, shoulders, Back , toes...)

 Visa - on site 

Very convenient - off the plane, the Visas will be issued at the airport upon arrival in Muscat or Mascate (capital of the Sultanate of Oman)

Bedouin (Bedu) culture

 Drop bag    

Each runner must have 6000K  calories total, and must present them at the gear check/control point before the race Start.


Every 300k runner has the option to send a Drop Bag forward with 2,000 additional calories, 4000 + 2000 calories. No drop bag for the 150 km  


 mandatory gear/kit 

  • A warm jacket for the cold
  • a
  • A mattress
  • hydration system or bag, 3 liters minimum.
  • Survival blanket.
  • Signaling mirror
  • A whistle.
  • 2 headlamps. 2 sets of spare batteries
  • A lighter.


  • A first aid kit complete
  • A roll of elasto 1 m minimum
  • a compass
  • a Pocket Knife
  • At least one glow stick
  • 2 rolls toilet  paper
  • 1 food reserve of 6000 kcal
  • 1 reserve food relief of 1000 Kcal

route profile  

checkpoints, camps
& bivouacs 

Start : White Beach Start of 293 km - acclimation day – control bags and calories .

CP 2 : Towers : KM 34   Water / Hot Water / tents

CP3 : Eagle pick  : Time : 12h00 to enter in the Single Track

CP4 : Wadi Bani Khalid   km 82 Water / Hot Water

CP6 : Mosque km 154 Water / Hot Water / tents

CP8 :  Trees km 182 Water / Hot Water / tents

CP10 : Wahiba Dunes Camp km 200 Water / Hot Water / tents

Finish : Shark Beach km 293 Camp, Bivouac 


The water CP's will be about 20 to 30 kms apart. At each it will be mandatory to leave with 3 liters of water. There will be approximately 13 CP's for the full route and CP 13 will be the finish at Shark Beach.


All races will offer a 300k or longer. All races will include large sections of dunes deep in the desert. 

 Read more about the race series!

The Staff

Our amazing organizing team is made up of veteran runners and race organizers from all over the world. They are experts in multi-day races and have organized 9+ races in Oman alone. They know how to prepare you and keep you safe while in some of the most beautiful, rugged and challenging terrains you can possibly imagine.

300km       2350 Euro
150km        2150 Euro                       

December   2019
300k non-stop or stage race
150k non-stop option

the desert calls us

The dunes, the light, the vast open space.

the exploration without and within

the friendships, the memories, the camaraderie

the challenge.


do you hear it? 
read more 

"What makes the desert beautiful 

is that somewhere it hides a well"

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